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Types of vacations Sep 29

I suppose everyone could come up with a list of kinds of vacations, and most of the lists would be different. Here’s my list, sorted more or less by luxury. I invite you, dear reader, to comment and add your own compendium of the varieties of travel, or your opinions about the ones in my list.

  1. The “staycation.” Stay at home and work. Not much fun. More on that in another post.
  2. Camping. I’m thinking Boundary Waters Canoe Area here. Really roughing it—sleep on the ground, eat your own cooking. For some, especially Scouts, this is regarded as great fun. More on that in a future post. You can include motorcycle trips in this category. More on that in another post.
  3. Visit the relatives. We’re sorting this list by luxury, remember, not enjoyability. Depending on your relatives (and you), this can be a pretty good experience, especially if it doesn’t last too long. Guests and fish stink after three days, the saying goes. Be sure to take them out for dinner as a thank-you.
  4. A road trip to a vacation spot. Your destination is some place of geographical or historical interest, with a decent place to lay your head. Budgets can vary a lot, but you always spend more than you planned, and total fun is inversely proportional to distance from home.
  5. Cruise, resort, or some exotic location—planned and handled by a travel agency. This is by far the easiest way to travel, and the cost doesn’t have to be prohibitive. If you (ahem) find an agency that does discounts, you can actually get a really good deal. You come home refreshed, and not broke.

Okay, your turn. Click the comments link (on the right below) and put in your two cent’s worth. We bloggers thrive on comments, you know.

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3 Responses

  1. Numbers one, two and three are more like work for me. Number four is what I\’m doing next week; driving to Burgundy.

    Number five though is an altogether different proposition. Serious luxury.

    What are the \"hot\" destinations these days?

  2. 2

    I have found that taking people out to dinner as a thank you can cost more than a few days in a decent motel. So it is important to be sure that you are going to enjoy the company of your hosts enough to make this a good deal!

  3. 3

    I’ve had a few staycations in the past with the intent and purpose of starting and completing a project. The latest work vacation produced an amazing pond, which has become the focal point of the property for it’s mesmerizing sights, sounds and relaxation the pond provides. Take a look some of the sights around the pond.

    Camping has come and gone but was an enjoyable experience during these times we’ve been camping During the camping trips we enjoyed sight seeing of the local attractions such as cave and caverns. Personally before the end of the week I would be ready to head home, for some reason just couldn’t relax.

    Road trips are always welcome in my book. I love to drive and watch the beautiful country pass by as the miles add up. This has been a few years now but have found a special location that will relax even me. There is a video of this special location at the bottom of the post,

    As for resorts, cruises and exotic locations these have not been explored. I will pursue one day but I’m content at this time. My choice would be an Alaskan cruise.


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