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Comment from a member Oct 27

Sort of. This isn’t a quote.

The gentleman stopped in the office where I slave away work when I’m here and the official occupant is out, and had a few things to share with me. He said specifically that I had permission to share what he said on this blog. (ahem. He also said he had a few comments about the blog itself, but didn’t have time. He’d be back. I think I’m eager to hear what he has to say.)

Here’s the quick summary:

  • Customer service here has been particularly helpful.
  • Serenity (through DVI) soundly beat the price from a major exchange program for a cruise he is planning.
  • He did some research about the company, and found that all complaints were adequately resolved.

He seems to be a pretty satisfied member. Now to find out what he thinks about the blog.

What do you have to say? Add a comment below.

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7 Responses

  1. 1

    Hi, there…
    I had a chance to visit the location in DE, Newark where they had a presentation on DVI and all the benefits that it provides to members on all levels. Overall, I did like the concept or offered program, however the price tag on membership itself was kinda very high. Given current stage of the economy and the uncertainty with the job market I hesitated to get myself into this program.

    I liked the fact that they try to answer all the questions and assist in all the matters. They keep asking you if you want a cookie or tea, or water. The representatives were very professional, friendly, and not too pushy…..UNTIL they understood that I\’m not getting into this…. as soon as they knew that I\’m not buying this and not willing to become a member the pressure starts escalating…. the first guy, Christian was trying to go over the plan again and offer better ways (which was ok) then his other boss I assume came over and offered even better deals with lower rates and maybe \"time to think about\" (this was ok as well).

    NOW the best part…(keep in mind until this moment everything was nice and professional)
    They did ask us to wait for the final representative that will come and give us the \"promised ticket certificates\" for our time spent on this presentation as they promised in the letter send to me as well as confirmed over the phone when I booked this time with them.

    So final rep walks in already acting like he is doing me a favor just by being there.
    Next he confirms if we are still not interested and asks us if we need some time. We refuse

    After that he starts eye balling/scanning the questionnaire that we filled in for them in the beginning of this (most probably trying to understand why we are not getting their membership) at the same time he keeps looking at us like while scanning the paper like he is one of my middle school teachers and who is administering the test.
    After that he says OK, here is your “certificate for the tickets”, he also says that we need to send $75 for the taxes to the address provided on that certificate. Then he hands me a sheet and tell us that we need to sign the disclaimer. I start reading that to make sure I know what I sign, simultaneously my wife starts reading the “ticket certificate info”. I signed the disclaimer however my wife keeps looking over the “fine print”…

    NOW (keep in mind it’s been less than 2 minutes since this last representative walked into the room). He keeps looking at us like we owe him a Million bucks, and that he is wasting his time now…. Then he “barks” at my wife – “Are you going to read this entire thing now?” My wife jumped…. She looked at me, looked at him, looked at the disclaimer and didn’t sign it. Aster that the representative told us that we can just give that to him when we done and walked out. We were in shock……here they have been trying to be nicest people on earth, claming that there is no pressure, no obligations, and they are trying to have best customer service on the planet and so on. AND then this guy acts like I’m wasting his time…THEY HAVE WASTED OUR 1.5hrs and NOW HE ASCT LIKE HIS 2minutes are being wasted.

    So we just walked out and my wife never gave them the disclaimer with our signatures. Later we read the fine print where they had all these limitation, and requirements for the “ticket certificate” and let me tell you it has so many limitations and requirements that normal process of booking tickets will become a very painful experience.

    Overall I liked the idea of DVI, but hate the way they act towards those who do not want to have their service…. FULL RANGE of UNPROFESSIONALISM and DISCRIMINATION towards someone who is not becoming their club member….

  2. 2

    Yeah, you have a point. There’s a guy or two on staff who seem to be on the agressive side, sometimes, and I don’t like it much. Yes, the product is pricey. Yes, they try to be professional (one of the reasons my wife and I joined) and I have sat in on a lot of those little sessions in the office. The guys are uniformly professional to the end, whether they get the sale or not. I had the owner tell me once that he would rather lose a sale than upset someone, and I have seen him act accordingly. So it looks like you drew the crooked straw that time, so to speak.

    About all those restrictions and stuff–yaas, they’re there. On the occasions when I’ve talked to guests about the freebies, I always tell them enough so they won’t get any surprises. Serenity retains the services of a couple marketing companies, and these are the best deals they could negotiate. It seems to me that the marketing companies don’t much want to have to redeem their goodies. And Serenity pays a pretty good chunk to them for every person who walks in the door.

    Anyway, Serenity lets me say whatever I want on this site, so I’ll presume to speak for them now and say I’m sorry you had a bad experience. They try to prevent it, and didn’t succeed that time. Sorry.

    (ahem) I hope you read more of this site and make more comments. I do my best to write good stuff.

  3. 3

    what about the away we go promotions that is owned by daryl tuner, the guy being sued in jersey for various things, they were a company that was used and he does own away we go promotions according the application for the post office box?

    i have to dispute professionalism as there are many people, myself included, who have been blatantly lied to.

    oh. ask chuck how the bbb A+ rating is treating him.

  4. 4

    I’ve heard about Mr. Turner. Their opinion of him around here seems to be pretty low, and they distance themselves from him and his operations as much as they can. I think he has put a stigma on the whole idea of travel clubs. I confess I’m satisfied with the service I’ve gotten.

    I haven’t seen Chuck in a while (don’t come in at the right times, I guess–I show my face about every week) but I’ll ask him about the relationship with the BBB next time I see him. last I heard, it was upgraded from a lower setting caused by how recently they had set up shop in DE.

    Got any input about the posts on this site? I’d love to get some feedback about how I’m doing…

  5. 5

    How can you people be so nice about these F’ing criminals? These people are grifters at best.. what a bunch of scam artists.. I guess I have to feel a bit stupid for buying the cow, but in truth, they did noting that they promised, locked their doors an ran away like a bunch of rats… If anyone has information as to where to find theses bums, I will pay good money for it! (Not just the phone number that they never answer… I want to know where they physically are!)

  6. 6

    Well, I’m nice about them because I’m a nice guy, I guess. I’ve been somewhat less nice since they skipped town owing me $1400, though. You’ll see some of my commentary if you look at the About page and the post for May 27, 2011. I kept the site mainly about travel, not about them; that’s what they paid me to do. Until that last bill they never treated me unfairly. We joined, and got a cruise as promised, so they didn’t shaft us on that, either. And I saw them give some refunds. However, all that is water under the bridge. Most of their local people appear still to be associated with DVI in NJ. Last time I looked their site was still up, and they seem to be in business. Eric Shuman, the owner of Serenity, has moved to California and last I heard he is running a similar operation called Worldwide Travel. I don’t have any other details, sorry. At least my info is free!

  7. Totally crazy ride with this company!!! Promise the world never follows through! Totally a scam be careful

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