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Krazy Kustomers Oct 29

Sorry about the spelling, but it seems appropriate, considering the subject matter.

One of the travel agents was in a conversation in my hearing, and told about her most remarkable customer:

The lady wanted to travel to Bermuda, but she was afraid to fly. So, okay, they can fix her up with a nice boat ride on a cruise ship. No dice, she wanted to take a train. She had heard that Bermuda was close to Florida, and wanted to travel by train. All attempts to assure her that trains didn’t go to Bermuda were to no avail, and the lady finally left in a huff.

I’m sure the astute readers of this blog know that Bermuda is just over 550 miles due east of South Carolina, not all that far from Florida, (ahem) as the crow flies.

Bermuda is on the right

Bermuda is on the right

Another agent told of meeting a customer who had heard they were building a bridge to Hawaii. Comment below and ask for me to tell you the joke about a bridge to Hawaii, if you don’t already know it.

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