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More about cruise excursions Nov 10

The best cruises include activities off the ship (unless you’re out in the middle of the Atlantic or Pacific on the way to the next continent). Cruises around the Caribbean that feature daytime stops at different islands, for example, are extremely popular, and you miss out on a lot if you stay on board all day, free lunch on board or not.

The islands allow you to just get off the boat and walk around, and most (all?) ports have plenty of local taxis offering to squire you about and show you the sights. Shop carefully.

The cruise lines themselves screen and approve certain vendors, and even though you pay a premium for them, you are pretty much guaranteed a safe and enjoyable experience. Cruise-sponsored excursions come in two types. The ones that you sign up for in advance, and the ones you buy on board. The cruise company web site lists them all, and you are wise to look over¬† the sign-up-in-advance excursions and get on the list early because many have limited capacity (when the bus is full, they don’t stack passengers on the roof) and you can miss out.

Golf Outing

Golf Outing

Here is some idea of that to expect to pay, per person:

  • Golf excursions run in the $185 range
  • Scuba dives start at about $100
  • Snorkeling starts at about $35
  • You can rent a Harley (motorcycle) for about $500
  • Cheapest were¬† visits to some butterfly gardens, and a cable car ride, each for around $20.

Excursions vary considerably in content. You can get dropped off at a beach, go on a dozen kinds of bus tour, take a boat to a hundred good snorkel spots (gear provided), hike up mountains, and go horseback riding. And that’s by no means everything. The amount of included food and drink varies. The amount of shopping varies. The amount of exercise varies! The duration varies from about an hour to about 5 hours.

You can’t possibly do everything, but you short-change yourself if you don’t do something on shore. Take some of that money you saved on the boat tickets and go on an adventure!

And when you get back, come here and leave a few comments.

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