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What makes a vacation a vacation? Oct 03

You can vacation a million ways. All successful vacations, however, share one characteristic:

True vacations break your routine

If you do the same things you normally do, you’re not vacationing. If your schedule doesn’t change, sorry—not a vacation. Eat the same stuff? Nope. Watch the same TV programs? Sorry, no dice. Sometimes you can get away vacationing in a location you’re familiar with, like a favorite resort, relatives, or even at home, but to be a vacation, the activities and schedule have to be different from your normal life.

Why is it so necessary to break your routine and go on vacation? Four reasons.

  • A good vacation renews your relationships with your loved ones.
  • A good vacation lets you step back and look at your routine—and reflect.
  • A good vacation reduces stress, and you become refreshed and energized.
  • A good vacation gives you memories that will enrich the entire rest of your life.

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