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To ski or not to ski? Nov 16

Skiing was invented as a way to travel through snow, but it has evolved into a popular pastime (cross-country skiing notwithstanding). At least it’s popular if you’re healthy, youngish, rich, and good looking, right? Well maybe, maybe not.

Most physical activity presumes a certain amount of good health, and younger people tend to go more for the active activities, so you can grant skiing that part of the stereotype. But know this—some handicapped folks are pretty good skiers, and you’ll find plenty of active older folks on the slopes, too.

Gotta hand it to this guy. Click to enlarge

Gotta hand it to this guy...

Whether skiing is for the rich or not depends on your approach:

Most folks prefer to rent skis. You can get pretty good equipment for about $40 for a weekend. (Go to your local ski shop for the rental. The lines are shorter.) However, if you are really serious about skiing and have some cash, figure you will drop a cool grand into a full outfit of good quality equipment. Most parts of the country have decent skiing within a day’s drive, so maybe you don’t need to fly there, but places like Vail and Aspen (and Switzerland) are probably a flight away for most people. Accommodations vary from the economical motel a short commute from the slopes to five-star resorts fancy enough to make you forget about the skiing, with prices to match. You need a ticket to use a lift (beats walking up the side of a mountain), and prices for those start at about $20 for half a day to season passes for considerably more.

Need to be beautiful? Just smile.

(Tell us about your ski adventures in the comments.)

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