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Nyew Yo-erk Nov 19

Question: How many new Yorkers does it take to replace a light bulb?
Answer: (gruffly) So who wants ta know?

New Yorkers have a reputation for discourtesy. The city is crowded, traffic bumper-to-bumper. Don’t go near Central Park, and everyone is out to take advantage of the suckers from out of town. Right?

Not exactly. The several New Yorkers I talked with were all nice. The city has at least a dozen parks, and the Central Park precinct has the lowest crime rate in NYC. With that many people, close is the only way to fit all those cars in, and new Yorkers have worked out a system that works. It’s just different from how less-populated areas drive. (So ride with someone experienced driving in NYC. Do not attempt it yourself.)

You might not consider NYC a vacation spot unless you’re from Upper Coffeepot, MT (real place), in which case NYC would probably be a real change of pace. People visit NYC to do something other than relax. A good vacation is a change of pace, and NYC can certainly provide a pace different from most other places.

So consider NYC: attend a play, check out the world’s biggest planetarium, visit one of the many museums, walk Central Park, saunter through one of the many fascinating neighborhoods. Eat at a local eatery. With connections (such as, ahem, a travel club), you can find a clean motel room for maybe $100 a night (and it goes up from there). Consider staying in nearby new Jersey and taking the train into town. That’s an adventure itself. Taxis and walking are the ways for a visitor to get around in town.

It isn't always this crowded—sometimes it's worse!

It isn't always this crowded—sometimes it's worse!

Do your homework—study a map, get some brochures, talk with someone who’s from there. Plan what you want to see, and don’t be too rigid about sticking with the plan, but have one. If you can, bring a guide, but it’s not strictly necessary. People will give directions if you don’t bend their ear too much with your life history.

When you get back, come here and tell us about it.

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