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Preparing for a road trip Nov 25

Rule 1: Don’t do too many things the day before you leave. Save the day for packing, clean up the house a bit, and head out a little ahead of schedule in a nice, relaxed frame of mind. And what planet does this happen on? I butchered and cleaned a dozen turkeys and eight pheasants (no lie) at a farm about an hour away. We had to finish the laundry. Relatives came to stay the week—they are going to hold Thanksgiving dinner for the kids and a dozen extended family while we are gone. Oh yes. The turkey is for our neighbors (best neighbors in the world) instead of for ourselves because the relatives cooking the turkey (that’s another set of relatives besides the ones staying the week) live out of town and they didn’t want to cook a turkey in a strange kitchen, so they’re cooking one at their place and bringing it down. (Imagine that! Passing up a farm-grown hand-picked turkey for a familiar kitchen!) Then there’s loading up the truck with the furniture we’re delivering. I measured and it’ll just fit. And we had at least three student-age person-activity deliveries, and a trip to the grocer. Didn’t get to the feed store to pick up feed for the chickens, so I gave detailed instructions to our house guests on what to get. Oh yes—we have been working on some gifts to bring along, so we had to paint, then fire several pieces of porcelain in the kiln early enough so things could cool down before we packed them. We finally crashed about an hour past bedtime.

Rule 2. Get plenty of sleep the night before. Yeah, right.

Rule 3: Don’t worry if you leave later than planned. We had things pretty ready by the time we got to bed the night before, so we left only half an hour behind schedule, and felt pretty good about it. So we have this rule down in spades.

Rule 3: Don’t get lost. Watch the following posts to see how we fared.

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