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Try not to get lost Nov 26

One of the rules for going on a road trip is not to get lost. We had the prospect of driving more than 12 hours from the east coast to Chicago, in the rain, on the day before Thanksgiving, during the morning rush at our starting point, and during the evening rush at the destination. Sounds like fun, eh?

Get a GPS! Carry an atlas for backup. Our GPS served us well; we drove straight to the goal without a hiccup. Yes, the weather was miserable, yes we ate mainly junk while we were on the road. Yes the trip consumed three tanks of gas.

But yes, we were relaxed: We had plenty of time for the trip (we didn’t tell them when we would arrive), and we swapped driving chores agreeably. She likes to have me read to her while she drives, and I like to read aloud. Makes the hours and miles go quickly, and we polish off a book in the process. And I remembered to take an anti-car-sickness pill.

They were glad to see us when we arrived. What could be better?

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