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Something else to do in Chicago Nov 30

Chicago’s a good place to do a lot of touristy stuff. (How’s that for a generalization?)  The loop is built near enough to the shore of Lake Michigan that the lake shore has pretty much always been a nice area, and it is lined with museums, parks, expensive high rises, and public beaches. One of those museums is the Art Institute of Chicago. If you don’t like art, this huge building will be really boring, because it has a lot of art in it, ranging from an area where children are encouraged to touch things, to original paintings you see in all the art textbooks, with electronic barriers to keep you from touching them. (They look just like what you see in a good art book, except a lot of them are a larger.) A room full of fancy paperweights. Another room of miniatures—think extremely detailed and accurate doll-house rooms. Art from many cultures and periods of history. Art in all sizes. Sensible, realistic items (chairs); weird, nonsensical items (other chairs). Pictures of architecture. Architectural models. Illustration and ornamentation. Folk art.  Statues. Musical instruments. And in the whole place I saw only one Pre-Raphaelite painting, which tiny Delaware has a magnificent collection of in its art museum. It felt like The Music Man’s one and only bass.

If you like art, you’ll love it. How can I possibly show a representative picture of a place like this? Here’s a link to the place: Art Institute of Chicago.

What kind of art do you like? Where do you go to look at it? Comment and share.

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