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Something else to do in Chicago 2 Dec 01

The true travel sophisticate, who visits the same place more than once, often finds the most interesting feature of a good destination is the food.

In Chicago, you’re supposed to try the Chicago Style Pizza.

Its reputation extends clear to Delaware, and one thing my dear sweet wife wanted to try on this, her first visit to the windy city, was some Chicago Style Pizza. So after we checked out Fox and Obel’s food market, we asked around (Traveler’s rule for asking directions: Always get directions from more than one person. Keep asking until you get two people who tell you the same thing. The first two people we asked suggested the same place), and got directions to a place that had authentic, genuine-not-imitation, real Chicago-style pizza, Gino’s East. It was walking distance. We plopped our $75 worth of exotic groceries into our vehicle, and headed off.

Halfway there, we stumbled on Lawry’s, of seasoned salt fame. (The salt is a product of the restaurant.) We were going to be in town one more day—the pizza could wait. I took my dear sweet patient wife to Lawry’s, and therein hangs a tale. But this post is getting long. Here’s a link to the tale: Chicago Adventure.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the Chicago-style pizza feast that actually happened.

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