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Something else to do in Chicago 3 Dec 03

So that wonderful Midwestern beef distracted us from the Chicago-Style Pizza. Probably a good thing, because, as I say elsewhere in this blog, I like the idea of thanking my hosts when I travel by taking them out to eat.

Here’s a second tip from the sophisticated traveler: Get one of the locals to tell you where the good eating places are. That’s how we ended up at Connie’s.

It looks like a converted factory building

It looks like a converted factory building

The staff was friendly and eager to serve. We had arranged ahead because we were a group of about a dozen and a half people of assorted sizes. A mix-up in the kitchen delayed our meal (boo), but my children are raising exceptional grandkids, and we had no disturbances caused by hungry urchins. The restaurant had a sign on the wall advertising gift certificates, $100 for only $80. Our tab came to almost $150—if I had had my wits about me (and listened to my dear sweet astute wife), I would have bought myself a gift certificate and saved twenty bucks.

Chicago-style pizza is a deep dish pizza, with a mild sauce. My wife said it was overrated. Next time I’ll take everybody to Ricobene’s.

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