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Travel poem Dec 05

Okay, it’s doggerel, but it’s about travel…

Oh off we went a-traveling, one nasty snowy day,
We heard of warmer climate south and headed off that way.
We made it through security and carried all our gear—
We’re both too cheap to pay a fee to someone else, I fear.

The flight was boring, long, and dark, and narrow was my seat,
Except my wife was next to me and that was quite a treat!
The arms tilt up between the seats, and if you are a pair
It lets you have a bit more room, and you can snuggle there!

We landed in San Juan that day and wondered where to go,
But then we found a taxi cab who knew the traffic flow
and promised he would get us there all safely to our ship.
He aimed that car! ‘Twas flying low, he drove at such a clip!
He got us to the ship in time, and sent us on our way;
I hope I never have a ride like the one I had today.

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