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Found a friend in the travel blog business Dec 06

Take a look at this place. It’s a lot bigger than this humble blog, and it’s not associated with a travel club like Serenity, but it looks pretty good, full of information and experience. Here’s their blurb:

Travellerspoint – Active online community of international travellers. Travellerspoint features a wiki travel guide, forums, blogs, photography, interactive trip maps, accommodation and more. (I’d put a comma before the “and more,” but hey, I’m a curmudgeon.)

I applied to see if maybe they’d include us in their list of associates, but even if they don’t, their site is worth a look.

In other news: Look for an ezine article about costs they don’t tell you about when they advertise a cruise. It should be out in about a week. Start saving up—the fare is the least of your worries.

Have you found another good travel site? Mention it in the comments.

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