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The Antigua the tourists don’t see Dec 20

The official language of Antigua is English. Heavily accented, but English. This reduces the likelihood of running into someone who doesn’t understand you if you decide to go roaming around this fairly good-sized island, then get a little bit lost and need to ask directions (re-read that. You’ll get it). Not that it would be a problem (getting lost)—the island is less than half an hour across.

Suppose you had $50 in your pocket and didn’t feel like going shopping. Again. You could do worse than rent a motor scooter and go looking around on your own.

Just remember to give yourself half an hour to get back to the ship. Instructions on how to do this and maybe some of the adventures you’ll have coming up in the next few posts.

Personal note: I’m just coming off the worst cold I’ve had in a decade—three days in bed, and I’m still weak. Hence the dearth of posts this week. I’ll make it up to you, I promise. Antigua is a pretty interesting place.

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