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Goofiness Oct 06

Thirty years ago—oof! Maybe 40—St. Paul and Minneapolis sported a local ice cream store chain named Farrell’s. It was a lively, upbeat, whacky place with bling all over the walls and bright uniforms on the waitstaff. I still have a Big Swig glass from there; it must hold more than a quart of ice cream and soda (called “pop” in the Midwest). I remember a post at one of their locations sported a small ship’s bell with a bell rope. Once, one of the waiters called out loudly to the whole room: “May I have your attention please for an important announcement! Our boss—(he pulled the bell rope twice, ding ding)—is a ding-a-ling!” Then he resumed his business of waiting on people.

I don’t have a ship’s bell here, and the boss is not a ding-a-ling, but the folks at Serenity do have fun, so here goes:

May I have your attention please:  The boss wears unmatched socks!

Obligatory travel comment: The St. Paul Winter Carnival is a wonderful way to spend ten days of winter in Minnesota.

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3 Responses

  1. 1

    Whaddya mean? My socks do too match! In fact, I have another pair just like them at home.

  2. All right, I’ll bite.

    What — speaking as a former native and longtime resident of the sunbelt — can conceivably be wonderful about winter in Minnesota?

  3. 3

    LOL! Speaking as a nearly-native Minnesotan, I can list a few benefits of a Minnesota Winter:

    1. The hardship brings people together. You won’t find a friendlier place than Minnesota during a snowstorm.
    2. You can actually operate a snowmobile a lot of the time, and snowmobiling is FUN!
    3. The ice palace and ice carvings made for the Winter Carnival are spectacular.
    4. Um, they make mittens with really pretty patterns on them. Comparable to patterns I’ve seen on high-class china available on sites such as (shameless plug for a friend’s web site)

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