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Follow your dreams (motorbike 3) Dec 26

The point of Randy Pauch’s famous Last Lecture is that you can (and should attempt to) achieve your childhood dreams. Antigua has at least one person who has achieved her (if not childhood, at least her) lifelong dream.

If you drive along the road that leads from the capital to Nelson’s Bay, then keep right on going, you can travel along the inland coast for a while (seeing some wonderful scenery, by the way, and at least two trees on the top of a hill that clearly demonstrate the nature of the prevailing winds).

one of the windblown trees

On the landward side of the road you’ll see a village or two, a church with a very old and still-active graveyard (meaning sunken grave sites with indecipherable headstones, and fresh, plastic-flowered ones)—and Aunty May’s Garden Shop.

Aunty May's

If you have an elderly friend named May, you really ought to stop in, take a look around, and snap a photo to show your friend that you were thinking of her. A visit is worthwhile anyway. It’s an interesting store, and the proprietress is a lovely lady who originated in England, lived in Annapolis, Maryland for a quarter century, then, following that aforementioned dream, moved to Antigua and set up a garden shop. She says that everyone told her that her mum would be proud of her for taking the step, so she named the shop after her mum, who was everybody else’s auntie. She says her business is too small to have a web site, but do drop by Antigua sometime, and give her a visit. Tell her I sent you.

How about your travel dreams? Tell us in the comments.

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    Jennifer Warren 

    I am thrilled that you remembered me, almost flattered and thank you so much for the kind and accurate words.
    when I am home in Maryland early March, I shall give you a call..should my memory brain function!
    Thanks again and do come back to antigua
    No tremors felt here at all…we all heard the news as you did that evening and were aghast with horror of the situation and the suffering of the Haitian people. There are two Antiguan dignitaries, who were there for a meeting of the Caribban states on global warming problems…or the such like..unfortunately they were staying in one of the hotels that was squashed….no news of them todate…
    There is a huge gathering planned at Nelson’s Dockyard this Sunday to donate monies to Haiti, 5 bands, food, and drink which should bring in the masses and only $20 ec to get in…I hope it is bursting at the seams and the attendees dig in their pockets for a few extra dollars…I understand donations will be givento Red Cross.
    Hope you are staying warm and all is well in your world.
    Aunty May’s Garden Shop

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