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The devil’s own route to Devil’s Bridge Dec 29

The Caribbean used to have two Devil’s Bridges, but one of them broke not too long back , so now Antigua is the sole lucky possessor of a land bridge in the Caribbean. Here’s a picture:

Devil's Bridge, Antigua

That’s one of many pictures. It’s a photogenic place. When the waves are in a mood to crash, the spray can be spectacular.  The immediate area is mostly undeveloped, maintained by a Friends-of-the-Bridge-type organization. It’s a bit off the beaten path, and therein hangs a tale.

Several locals told me I ought to go find the place—off the beaten track, but definitely worthwhile. They even all gave me directions. Maybe it’s the relaxed style of life on an island like Antigua, maybe it’s that they hadn’t actually been to the place themselves in years, maybe it’s that no matter where you go on Antigua you’ll find something interesting, but everyone gave me bad directions! They were all approximately right, but they all lacked critical details. I thought I was getting close, and one fellow said, “Next left, go straight until you come to it.”  That led me to the Devil’s own road. It consisted entirely of cement truck dumpings. The puddles of now hardened concrete weren’t even slightly smoothed together.

Devil's road—looking back

At the end of that causeway I found a nice view of an unknown bay with a nice line of surf out a way,

Bay with surf

—and a pile of hundreds of conch shells.

A few of the shells in the pile

The remains of an overturned auto chassis and several broken surfboards lay nearby. Creepy.

On this sort of adventure, even wrong turns are interesting. Several more worthless directions and a couple lucky turns later, I found the place.  Yup, off the beaten path, but worth seeing. See the photo at the beginning.

Have you struggled to find something, only to encounter adventure on your way? Share with us.

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