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A nod to the competition Jan 07

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I think Serenity does better than either of these guys, what with Serenity’s personalized service and using real humans and all, but a new mutual admiration society in the travel industry is worth a mention as a good idea:

One site, Yapta, monitors airline fares to help you find the cheapest fare (ahem, if you’re doing this on your own and not using the services of someone like Serenity Travel. (end of shameless plug)) and Tripit, a site that helps you develop an itinerary, are joining forces, sort of. If you’re a Tripit user, you can now get your messages from Yapta directly in your Tripit account. This is particularly useful to frequent travelers,perhaps not so much for vacationers.

Seems to be an attempt to offer more value than all these new portable apps appearing in the travel planning space.

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    Jack Riepe 

    Despite the fact that online booking tools and airline websites occasionally offer great discounting for those who are among the computer cognoscenti, there are millions of people who either short themselves in expense, time, or missed touring opportunities struggling with multi-leg travel arrangements. Services provided by Serenity routinely optimize the brief vacation time I have, by finding the most cost-effective airlines, hotels, and local tours for my budget, and by letting me wande about witout worrying about it.

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