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Delaware as a vacation destination? Jan 10

Any place can be a vacation destination. The key to a vacation is that it be a change in routine, and almost as important, a change in scene.

Delaware is 90 miles long and 12 wide at its narrowest, not a big target. But it has an art museum with an outstanding collection of Pre-Raphaelites, several community theaters, and world-class performances at the DuPont; a historic and scenic factory site that was the gunpowder manufacturing capital of the world, and historic towns and buildings galore. Not to mention a reasonable number of pretty good high-class ┬árestaurants, some of them dating back to the 1700′s. If you care to drive out of town, you can relax on a nice ocean beach, Rehoboth, for example, and shop in all sorts of interesting shops in that very touristy part of the state. Are you a nature lover? Delaware boasts extensive wetlands and wilderness areas. Civil War buff? Try Pea Patch island, a short ferry ride across the Delaware River.

Aerial view of Fort Delaware on Pea Patch Island

And if you’re into the really unconventional, you can ride your motorcycle the length of the state 11 times in 24 hours to qualify for an Iron Butt Association Delaware Saddlesore 1000.

What suggestions do you have for an unlikely vacation spot? Tell us in the comments.

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