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How to keep your bags from being “lightened” Jan 16

No doubt you’ve heard stories about baggage handlers going through peoples luggage at the airport. I don’t know how often it happens, but zero is the right number of times as far as I’m concerned. Here’s an interesting little tidbit:

The rules allow you to pack a gun in your checked luggage. You just have to tell them about it. they give you a card to sign and they put the card in the suitcase. Then they give the suitcase to the TSA. They lock it, give you your key back. Then the bag gets special treatment all the way to your destination, and you can guarantee that no random airport employee is going to open your bag. In fact no one will open it except in your presence. This is nice to know if, say, you have a lot of expensive camera gear that you don’t want to get stolen.

Oh yes: The rules say that a starting pistol such as what they use to start a race counts as a gun, and you don’t have to register it. Look for a used one on ebay.

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