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Unconventional vacation destination location 3 Jan 18

How about a dam?

You can drive over lots of dams, and the view downriver can be spectacular. So can the view upriver, but you’re more likely to see boats and waterskiers zooming around. The channel below a dam is typically rather turbulent. If you want to travel from North Sioux City, ND to West Sioux City, NE without going through Sioux City, IA, you have to go several miles west up the Missouri River and cross at the Gavin’s Point dam.

Gavin's Point dam. See the road across the top?

The photo doesn’t show it, but the ND side has a nice game fish museum and aquarium, and you can take tours of the power plant. It could be a nice stop if you’re taking a leisurely trip to the Wall Drug.

Have you ever driven across a dam? Tell us about it.

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2 Responses

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    North Sioux City is in South Dakota and there is no West Sioux City, it’s South Sioux City Nebraska.

  2. 2

    oops! You got me! And I used to live out there, too. South Sioux City, NE is due west of Sioux City, and I let the logic of where it is replace my memory of the correct name. Thanks for the good catch.

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