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Unconventional vacation spot 4—Wall Drug Jan 18

Serenity Travel is 1621 miles from Wall Drug, and it’s thataway. You can find signs reading “Wall Drug xxxx miles” with an arrow pointing the appropriate direction all over the world. Even in Antarctica (they have a picture to prove it—one of thousands of similar photos from all over.) Even better, here’s the photo:

The story goes that in the 1930′s, during the dust bowl, this young couple bought the drug store in Wall, SD. To encourage people to stop as they drove by on the nearby US highway (back in those days they were routes, marked by signs. The idea was you could get anywhere by following the signs if you knew the route numbers.). They hit on the idea of being cute–they put up signs along the highway advertising free water. It worked, and today the Wall drug store is the grandaddy of all tourist traps. You can pose next to a lifelike statue of a mean-looking cowboy or on a bucking bronco (also a statue). Gifts and souvenirs galore. A decent restaurant. Clothing and crafts. You won’t miss it—the interstate has a string of signs that goes for miles. And you can still get free water.

The locals still use it as their drug store, too

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