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You won’t believe this unconventional vacation location (#6) Jan 26

Well, maybe you will. This one might take a little planning, but it’s worth it. The destination is any small town community festival. Every town in the country must have one, a Farm Days, a Pig Fest, a Pancake Festival, Old Norske days, a Corn Boil, and the more unconventional, the better. You gotta have some way to attract folks…  I got more than 60,000 hits on Google for Dandelion Festival, and for cow pie festival—well, look it up yourself. There’s a cow pie blues festival in PA, driving distance from Serenity Travel. It sounds pretty good, if you’re into blues.

These temporary bits of small town Americana are always fun, relaxing, and interesting. Free food is common, maybe a small carnival, contests, a parade, perhaps fireworks. Tractor pulls in the rural areas. An excellent way to spend a day and an evening.

Planning? If you’re on a road trip or somewhere on business and you have a free day, get online and check the names of the towns near your route or destination. Google them. If there’s a festival, they’ll mention it. Find one with dates that match your itinerary, and schedule it in.

I’ll have to tell you how to play cow pie bingo, last seen by me in North Sioux City, South Dakota.

What’s your favorite small town celebration? We’d like to hear about it.

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