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You really won’t believe this vacation location (#7) Jan 27

Really! It’s jail.

I heard about this from my geometry teacher when I was in high school (yay Sibley!).

If you read this blog regularly, you will remember there’s a motorcycle club called the Iron Butt Association. They ride long distances, like on a vacation, and take pride in sleeping under humble circumstances.

Okay, this isn’t exactly for everyone, but let’s go back to my geometry teacher. He used to ride his bicycle long distances, on multi-day trips. When he got to a small town toward the end of the day, he would stop at the police station and ask to bed down for the night. They would obligingly lock him into an empty cell, and he could sleep warm and dry for free. In the morning he’d be released, and he’d continue his trip. I can’t imagine that he didn’t have some pleasant and interesting conversations with the local constabulary, and perhaps some free jail food. And some interesting stories to tell his students years later.

The jail in Shelby, TX

Sometimes on a solo trip the evening weather doesn’t lend it to sleeping outside, and sometimes part of the adventure is to spend as little money as possible. I propose that sometimes the Iron Butt Motel (sleep next to the bike) could move into a jail cell, and add come conversation to the trip.

So where’s the humblest place you’ve ever spent the night? Spill it.

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