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Old Olympics #1 Feb 13

Take a break from oddball vacation spots. The winter Olympics happen every four years, between the summer Olympics, and have since 1924, with a hiatus during WWII. That leaves a lot pf places that hosted the event. Maybe you could consider visiting one of those places, such as the first location, Chamonix, France, where you can find Mont Blanc (of expensive pen fame, and the highest point in France). It’s still a popular skiing area, and Mont Blanc is one of the most popular natural vacation destinations in the world, so you can pretty much count on finding a place to stay. Here’s a panorama of the valley.

Panoramas distort things a little, but you get the idea.

The valley way over at the eastern edge of France, about halfway between the north and south boundaries.

Here’s a bit of trivia about the place: Mary Shelly mentioned the location in her novel, Frankenstein. The Doctor and his monster had a business meeting there.

Where do you like to ski, or see monsters? Or both? Make a comment.

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