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Winter Olympics 3 Feb 19

If you think remembering the second-place winner is hard, try third.  If you google “third winter olympics” you won’t even find it. (You get a bunch of links to third-place winners). The official name is “III Winter Games” and it was held in Lake Placid, NY, a fine modern vacation spot if there ever was one, Olympics or not. The area was discovered by the rich and famous clear back in the late 1800′s, and a lot of places sprang up to cater to their tastes.

Interesting tidbit (one of many): The family of the guy who invented the Dewey Decimal System was instrumental in developing the area as a target for winter sports and the eventual arrival of the Winter Olympics there. So if you’re an academic, you will find interesting things to see.

History buff? Especially Civil War? John Brown’s farm (and body) are there. Now it’s the John Brown State Historic Site. There’s a Cold-War-era missile silo around there somewhere, too. Good luck finding it. You’ll see a lot of nice scenery while you look. I couldn’t find a picture of the missile silo, but here’s a shot of John Brown’s farm.

The abolitionist's farmhouse

Back to the olympics–Lake Placid is one of only three places to host the Winter Olympics twice. The bobsled run was a WPA project. And the 1932 games is the only winter games in which the US took more medals than any other country.

Historic sites, gorgeous scenery, winter sports—what’s your excuse for visiting the northeast corner of New York? Send us a comment.

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