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Winter Olympics 4 Feb 21

Win place show, then where do you go? How about Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, one of the most famous summer vacation and skiing areas in the world. It’s been famous for a long time. I’m pretty sure Grog, the cro-magnon, went there for a summer break from mammoth hunting (don’t correct me–it’s a joke, it’s a joke!). I know for sure that the Romans visited the place, and it’s been popular with both the rich and famous and ordinary folks ever since. Perhaps that’s a little exaggerated, (the vacation part—they had to deal with the Plague and a long period of economic hard times). Today, at least, the valley is a reasonably nice place to visit. There—an understatement. Here’s a picture:

Looks like a wide green valley with mountains is a requirement for winter Olympics.

If you’re into creepy medieval buildings,  Garmisch has its share. A torture castle, a church that used to be a center of pagan worship. They had a large festering swamp and wild animals, too.

The 1936 Olympics, the fourth, was, shall we say, slightly politicized, though not as much at the summer Olympics that year in Berlin. Norway took the most medals, and Sonja Henie, now 23 or so,  took her third consecutive gold in women’s figure skating. I know you’re all dying to see what she looked like. Here’s a photo:

Sonja Henie

Japan was scheduled for the next Olympics, but it didn’t happen.

Don’t let your next vacation not happen. Go on one, then send us a postcard or email. Or a comment. We’d love to hear from you.

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