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Old Winter Olympics 5 Feb 24

You could call this post “The games that weren’t.”  The fifth winter games were supposed to be hosted by Japan, and the year was supposed to be 1940.  That might have been a spectacular event had WWII not intervened. The Japanese generally do a spectacular job of about everything they set their hand to. By now Japan has been reincarnated not only as a friend, but as a, well, spectacular vacation destination.

The Japanese are renowned for both their hospitality and for their scenery. Their culture is different enough from ours (American influence notwithstanding) that you watch almost everything with fascination and go almost anywhere and see something interesting. Choose from more than 3900 islands. A zillion places to stay. Several earthquake zones, and one Mount Fuji. Full name is Fujiyama (not mount Fujiyama—yama means mount). Or if you want to sound like you have some familiarity with things Japanese, call it Fuji-san. Mr. Fuji.

You have seen pictures of pagodas and other Japanese architecture, views of bustling Tokyo, and serene panoramas of the Japanese countryside. Here’s a nice picture you probably haven’t seen:

This is not Fuji-san

I think it’s a park. I can see some guy wanting it to be a golf course. Maybe some day it’ll be a bobsled run.

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    Any good campgrounds between Valparaiso, Indiana and Orlando, Fla.?

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