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Winter Olympics 6 Feb 26

Let’s move on to events that happened. The year is 1948, and the wonderful vacation spot is …  St. Moritz, Switzerland! Um, haven’t we been there before? Yes, the second winter games were there. Switzerland was able to host the games in 1948 because the war left the country relatively undamaged. You can scroll down a couple posts to see what a fine vacation spot St. Moritz is, so I’ll risk another non-event and tell you about the location that would have hosted the 1944 winter games.

It’s Corina d’Ampezzo, Italy. Ah, Italy, the land of pasta and wine. And history. 400 years ago an Italian guy discovered four moons circling Jupiter. He named them after his boss (The Medician moons) as a PR gesture, but the world would not have it, and we call the four largest moons of Jupiter the Galilean moons.  You can see them with a pair of decent binoculars today, and even one of those cheap telescopes (don’t buy one) will do the job. But I digress.

Skiing is  the name of the game in this valley nestled in the Italian Alps. They say it’s an intermediate to advanced skiers’ paradise, a bit too challenging for beginners. The beginners spend all their time in the hot tubs at the resorts, which are world-class. Snowboarding is popular, too. Eighteen lifts at this place, and the cable rides alone are spectacular. If you’re curious, here’s a map.

Enough choices for you?

You can even get a helicopter to take you to the top. Not cheap. But (ahem) maybe a bargain through Serenity. I haven’t checked. So where do you like to ski? Tell us. Maybe I’ll write about it.

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