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The 1952 Winter Olympics Feb 28

Finally we get away from the war. And go to Norway—Oslo, to be exact. It was the biggest winter games to date, with 30 countries and almost 700 athletes. Guess who won the most medals. Yup, the hosts. Those Norveegians are pretty good at winter sports.

Oslo is a pretty good vacation spot, too. Winter sports, of course, but they actually have summer up there. In fact, there’s even a list of the ten best places to scuba in Norway. I don’t think they wear bikinis, though.  Norway is famous for its coastline—huge bays called Fjords, ideal for camping and hiking adventures.

The Vikings have been around a loooong time, and this part of their history has produced some museums the likes of which you can find nowhere else. The world’s two best-preserved Viking ships, for instance. You can even ride in and operate several authentic reconstructions.

Built in the 9th century.

If you’re of an artistic bent, check out Norwegian Rosemaling, any of several traditional styles of painting plates and other wooden furniture.

"Typical" pattern

Many people in the USA have Norwegian roots. How about you?

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