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1960 Winter Olympics Mar 07

Now we’re getting into years that I personally remember. Before these games, I had never even heard of Squaw Valley, California. As a matter of fact, neither had anybody else. The place had exactly one homeowner, one resort, one ski lift, and two rope tows. That homeowner was a guy named Alex Cushing, and he performed yeoman’s work, managing to convince the Olympic Committee to select the place, and piles of corporate sponsors to develop the site.

As it was, weather almost ruined the event. A big rain washed most of the snow away just beforehand, but they got another twelve feet of white stuff after the rain, saving the day.

I don’t have an Olympics picture, but here’s one from that era:

Clearly in the 1950's

With all that new Olympic stuff in the valley, it became a world-class winter sport venue, sharing publicity with Lake Tahoe. (ahem) Your Serenity agent can fix you up with a place if you’d like to go there.

What was the first Winter Olympics you remember? Did it change you? Share a comment.

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