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The grim games—1964 Mar 13

Not grim, perhaps, but affected by two deaths during the pre-game training period, and the loss of the entire US figure skating team a couple years before. The mood was not quite as carefree as other winter games.

They were short on snow that year, too, and the army brought in jillions of ice blocks for the bobsled runs and zillions of cubic feet of snow for the Alpine skiing venues.

Innsbruck, where those games were held, is a pretty nice place for a vacation, though, especially if you like winter sports. Summer is pretty nice, too.The town is toward the western end of Austria, nestled in the Alps, and with the Inns River running through it. Like about every place in Europe, it has a lot of history, and you can visit the old town and take in some interesting sights and meet some really nice people.

You can see the alps from anywhere

The watchtower is a famous landmark

The picture on the left shows part of the “Altstadt,” or Old City. The walking is great, and sidewalk cafes abound, and they are renowned for their chocolate, coffee, and bread. Actually, all the food is worth over-eating. Have you ever seen a skinny middle-aged male Austrian? Innsbruck has a world-class airport, so you can fly there, and the Bed-and-Breakfasts are as hospitable as the scenery is gorgeous.

Have you ever been there? We’d like to hear about it. Make a comment.

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