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1976—the year Denver missed its chance Mar 28

Yup, a town got the nod for the Winter Games, then voted it down. The reasons were cost and environmental impact. Lost by a big margin, too. Innsbruck, Austria (see the 1964 Games, a couple items down) got their second games that year.

So what kind of town is Denver to vacation in?

Well, you can’t get lost there. If you’re ever in doubt about your bearings, scan the horizon. The mountains are to the west.

"Typical" view of Denver's skyline

Several good roads lead west into those mountains, and you can tour through dozens of picturesque towns, stop at good places to eat, and sleep in resorts aplenty. Talk to one of the famous Serenity Travel Club agents for a good deal on a place to stay, or rent a car and go exploring/fly fishing/camping on your own. Just don’t hit the bicyclists training for endurance events.

The town of Denver itself has undergone a lot of redevelopment since its wild west days, and the seedy areas are now factory chic and quite nice. Don’t worry about the fiasco they had renovating their airport baggage-handling system several years back. That’s finally fixed. Sort of.

If you drive into town from the east, the city limits sign says “Denver/Elevation 5280 ft.” They don’t call it the mile-high city for nothing. Speaking of the east side of Denver, don’t forget all those dude ranches out there. Good if you prefer horseback to mountain climbing.

What do you like best about Denver? Tell us in the comments.

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