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1980—the olympics nobody wanted Apr 02

I exaggerate—the public loved it, and it was a good event. But only two places even applied to host the games, and the other applicant (in British Columbia) withdrew before the Olympic committee finished voting. Lake Placid, New York got the nod. Sound familiar? They hosted in 1932.

This was the first winter games to use artificial snow. The first games attended by Communist China. First time someone took five golds in the same games (Eric Heiden, USA). And the last games timed to “only” a tenth of a second. The difference between first and second place in the 15-kilometer men’s cross-country event was 0.01 sec. Dramatic.

You already know that Lake Placid is a good place to vacation if you read the post for the third Winter Olympics. They’ve modernized the place since then, but you’ll still like it.

Tell us in the comments if you went .

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