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1984—Big Brother? Apr 04

Communism was still “popular” and they experienced lots of unhappiness in Sarajevo, Bosnia during the years following, so maybe we can blame some wannabe big brother. But the games themselves were well-run, the event brought needed publicity to an attractive if poor area, and this winter games had several interesting firsts and onlys. For instance, a fellow from Senegal was the first black winter games contestant. Yugoslavia got its first medal (a silver). Skiing for disabled athletes was introduced. And Torvill and Dean of the United Kingdom earned perfect scores from every judge for artistic expression in ice dancing, a feat that no one has accomplished since. I remember watching that performance, and it was impressive. I’d watch it again.

Now the big brother part, at least as far as unhappiness goes. After the turmoil surrounding the fall of Communism, the area experienced so much unrest that it might not a good place to visit. I can’t recommend you visit the area unless you’re a missionary or a well-protected social worker, or willing to be careful. I wish those folks the best, and things have settled down a lot. They live in a lovely area that can be a good place to visit, but don’t get too far off the beaten path.

Doesn't this look like an interesting place to visit?

So put this place on your list of places to visit in the future.

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