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1988 Apr 09

The Calgary games.  At least three interesting “last” happenings this year: The last time The Soviet Union and East Germany dominated (both nations had ceased to exist by 1992), and the last time the paralympics were held in a different city.  How about a “longest”? The olympic torch run was the longest ever—clear across Canada, with parts of the run in every province and territory. The event had perhaps more citizen involvement and voluntarism than any games before or since. Private citizens could enter in a lottery to carry the torch for a kilometer, even. The torch itself also traveled by dog sled and snowmobile. Quite an adventure for a torch…

This is the event that the Jamaican bobsled team participated, winning everybody’s admiration. They became the subject of a movie, Cool Runnings.

So how is Calgary for vacationing? Winter weather is unpredictable. You might need shorts and a T-shirt in February. Sometimes. The Chinook winds don’t give much warning. Part of the excitement. Generally, you can figure on good winter sporting, though, with several good mountain resorts. The area has plenty of wilderness around. too, so it’s a good place to visit if you like ecotourisn. Downtown is pretty nice, too. Calgary is one of the biggest cities in Canada.

Calgary Before

Calgary Now

(Couldn’t resist showing a shot from the late 1800′s. Long before the Olympics were there.)

If you’re planning an overland trip to Alaska, stop off in Calgary for a little civilization on the way.

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