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1998? What happened to 1996 Olympic winter games? Apr 21

About a decade before, the Olympic committee decided to hold the summer and winter games on alternating even-numbered years.  That was a good idea, I think—it spread out the joy, so to speak. Of course that meant that someone had to hold their games after either six years or two. So the winter Olympics waited six years after the 1992 games.

This was the year Tara Lipinski took gold in women’s figure skating, becoming, at 15 the youngest such in an individual event in the winter Olympics, breaking Sonja Henie’s nearly 75-year-old record from the second winter Olympics.

They went to Nagano, Japan. Nagano is most famous for its Buddhist temple, and a million people visit every year. This means that the area is well-adjusted to having visitors, and visitors have plenty of things to see besides the temple–a battlefield turned parkland, resorts, a sled run down a mountainside, even the Olympic venue is still there. If you decide to go, expect to be well cared for. After all, it’s Japan, the home of politeness.

Here’s a picture of that temple:

The temple is the largest wooden building in eastern Japan

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