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2006—20 of ‘em and counting Jun 14

Salt Lake City was the most populous region to host an Olympics, but their record lasted only until the next games, which were in Turin, Italy, which area holds even more people. Latvia got its first Olympic medal that year, Canada beat Italy 16–0 in ice hockey, and the first Jamaican earned a medal in these games. He was bobsledding for the Canadians. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, eh?

Everybody has heard of the shroud of Turin, and here is where it is. You can find plenty of pictures of it, but the shroud itself is pretty hard to see—it’s not on display very often or for long.

What you should do in Turin is eat! More than 160 local cheeses, famous wines, truffles, chocolate candy originated here, pastries to die for, and the best cafés in already excellent Italy.  Bring an appetite. Plan to walk a lot, too. You simply must try a bicerin, a layered drink of coffee, chocolate, and cream. Don’t ask me why they don’t call it tricerin…

Open air cheese and salami market

Finally, Turin is nothing if not old. Old means old architecture (especially Barouqe), interesting history (read museums), and celebrations. Lots of things have happened to celebrate over the years. Check out the chocolate festival in March, or the feast of San Giovanni in June to name two.

When you go, send a post card or post a comment.

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