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2010, the end of the line, but not the end Jun 15

We had a Winter Olympics this year, and it was in Canada, Vancouver, BC to be exact (to be really exact, we should include nearby Whistler), the largest city ever to host the Winter Olympics. Yup, each of the last three Winter Games were held at the most populous site ever.

You know what the weather is reputed to be like in Canada. This year saw the first winter games opening ceremony to be held indoors. The average temp this February was about 45, which is close to the actual average. Not so bad, says this Minnesotan.

The view from Whistler Mountain

That cairn in the picture is a statue of Ilanaaq the Inunnguaq, and he is now a permanent landmark there. Another interesting note: The Olympic torch traveled overland about 28,000 miles over 106 days, visited more than 1000 communities, and had more than 1200 carriers, including several famous people, two of whom were Arnold Schwarzenegger and Shania Twain.

So why would you vacation in Canada in the winter? Isn’t it all wilderness? Well, no. Vancouver is a pretty big city, and you can find fancy dining, the arts, museums and all that stuff in town. And the people are really nice. The good atmosphere of the games was attributed in large part to the friendliness of the Canadian citizenry. Get out in the countryside and the mountains are fairly littered with nice ski resorts, several of them recently classed up for the Olympics.

Good place to visit. Call one of our agents and they’ll fix you up with a good visit. When you get back, let us know about your trip in the comments.

See you in 2014. That’ll be in Sochi, Russia.

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