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Another volcano Jun 19

I’m in the mood for volcanoes, apparently. That or the NASA Earth Observatory really has me going. Check out their site. You can even get a photo-a-day RSS feed, and they’re not all volcanoes. This one is off the NE coast of Papua New Guinea, the other end of the island where Irian Jaya is. It’s a little more than its own diameter from the mainland, and it’s inhabited. And the natives speak their own language, spoken nowhere else.

Those are clouds. The plume is almost invisible.

So— is it a good place to vacation? Well, there’s the Anua Negu lodge.   It’s a bed-and-breakfast sort of place, and it’s on the mainland in the “town” of Bogia, which is at the end of a scenic three-hour drive, not all paved. The lodge is clean, and you can cook your own meals, let the staff fix your food, or walk into the village and partake of genuine local stuff there.  Not what you’d call five-star, but the people are delighted to show hospitality. The evening entertainment is singing, and you can join in. The area is famous for its music. I think someone will paddle you the 13 kilometers to the island.

The area was used by both the Japanese and the Allies during WWI, so there’s some history, and a lot of the “wealthier” parts of the area are of  Australian extraction. You’ll find at least some English, though I won’t guarantee you can understand it.

Okay. Be brave and adventuresome and visit the place. It’s beautiful, peaceful, not the least bit dangerous. So what if it’s really really out-of-the way?

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