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Island tourist locations in Germany? Jun 22

I happen to know a little German, and I’ve seen a map or two of Germany. I don’t associate Germany with islands, much less touristy ones. Well, Germany has an island, and it’s almost entirely a tourist spot. Or botanical garden. And it’s in a lake.

Map of the place.

Enough mystery. It’s the Island of Mainau, and it’s in Lake Constance in southern Germany, Bavaria, to be exact. Here’s one of a million of so pictures of this┬ábeautiful┬áplace:

Zillions of types of flowers and trees grow all over the island, some even more manicured than this, some more-or-less wild

If you like plants, you will love the island. Its collection includes exotic plants from all over, even a Sequoia. The gardens and parks contain an odd mixture of modern sculpture and traditional architecture.

The island bobbled around during the past century or two as the private property (and castle) of several royal and semi-royal families, until 1991 when the current owner set up a foundation to run the place. It’s so popular an attraction that the traffic on the mainland highways can get quite backed up. Rather like the highway to “the shore” in Delaware on weekends.

I’m not aware of any places to stay on the island itself, but the whole area is popular for tourism and you won’t have any trouble finding accommodations, especially if you talk to one of Serenity’s agents.

So. Tell us about an island you like. Know of any in Germany?

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