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Nice is nice Jun 26

Thats Nice, as in France. Pronounced “neece.” It’s a seacoast town, on the same sea as Manarola in yesterday’s post (the Mediterranean). The climate is wonderful, the people are¬†friendly¬†(and happy to accept your tourist dollars), and (ahem) a Serenity agent can fix you up with any of several wonderful places to stay while you visit.

But that’s not why I’m writing about Nice. I touched on technology in that last post, and some interesting technology is happening in Nice. If you like to visit seacoast towns, you probably have a certain affinity for large bodies of water. Maybe you like to skin dive or use scuba. How about a personal submarine?A company in the south of France is building one, and they’ll be testing it any day now in the waters off Nice. Here’s a picture I shamelessly stole from an article about the sub. I hope they like the free advertising.

It's wet inside. You have to wear scuba

It uses parts from a bicycle, and you pedal it to make it go. No torpedoes. I suppose it might enter the water sport market someday, but right now they are building it to enter into a submarine race.

We used to go watch submarine races back when I was in high school, but that was something different altogether.

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