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“Staycations” Oct 07

People generally like a change of scene when they vacation, but sometimes a change of routine is enough. Actually, it usually isn’t enough, but if you plan to try to vacation at home, here are a few tips:

  • Do something different. Plan a major project and carry it out. Do not sit in front of the TV.
  • Eat in a different room. Eat out at least once. Eat something you don’t usually eat. Take turns cooking. Do not follow your usual eating routine.
  • Do something you like but never seem to have time for, even if it means taking a break from that project.
  • Throw a party at the end of the staycation. Doesn’t have to be a big party, or fancy. One extra couple and pot luck is enough. Show off your completed project.

Two types of people get the most out of a staycation:

  • People whose hobby is their house. Picture a gardener with a fabulous collection of roses, or a guy who makes wonderful furniture in his wood shop. A staycation is okay if they have no desire to go anywhere, but consider a trip related to your hobby: visit a famous rose garden, or furniture museum.
  • People who have a major project before them. The chance to put in concentrated effort and get the whole thing done all at once is too valuable to pass up. Maybe the bathroom needs remodeling, or you want to class up the kitchen. Both of those rooms benefit from quick transition from old to new. If this is you, you should still schedule some kind of break, such as dinner and a movie.

But next chance you get, travel!

Have you ever vacationed at home? How did it go? What did you do? Add a comment by clicking the comment link below.

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