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Something green Jun 28

Seems that Green is in these days, and I confess that I’ve been a proponent of the idea ever since they called it “conservation.” I’ve touched on technology the last few post, so there’s a theme. June 21′s post was about an observatory, so there’s another theme. And I’ve even mentioned motorcycling in the context of vacations; another theme.

So, lets put it all together. How about a green, technology, motorcycle-friendly vacation spot? Green is in the name, even: The Green Bank National Radio Observatory, nestled in the mountains of West Virginia, in the middle of some of the best motorcycling in the eastern half of the US. And if you prefer four wheels, you’ll still find some of the most scenic byways in the east.

You can't see it in the picture, but the telescope is in the middle of what looks like a cow pasture

The place is educational, not military, so they welcome visitors. They even have a dorm for groups. You can visit the science center, eat at the restaurant, and look at a dozen or so radio telescopes including the big one in the picture. It’s the largest steerable radio telescope in the world.  They host star parties, too, when you go out and have a knowledgeable person show you what’s where in the sky, which is pretty dark out there. And no cell phones, cell towers, or radio stations. They like it dark on all frequencies.

Okay, so maybe you’re not into radio astronomy (but try it—you’ll like it). It turns out that the observatory is actually one of many vacation attractions in Pocahontas County. You can visit state parks, forests, scenic trails and highways, antique railroads, and both mountain bike and motorcycle riding. Their motto is “Nature’s Mountain Playground” and the short list of activities in this post only scratches the surface.

If you’re looking for a family-oriented vacation that’s not too far from Delaware, you could do a lot worse than this area.

Have you ever been there? Write and tell us about it.

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