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A West Virginia contrast Jun 30

This is about two places you can stay in the part of WV described in the last post, about the Green Bank telescope.

The first place I learned about courtesy of a friend who like to ride a motorcycle. He rode his BMW to attend a rally of antique BMW motorcycles. He raved about how wonderful the roads are, and about one of the best placed to eat, a restaurant called Hutte’s, in the town of Helvetia. It seats only 48, so call ahead to make a reservation. All good stuff. However, he stayed at a place whose name and town shall remain unmentioned. (Unless you’re a motorcyclist headed for the area. Write me or send a note in the comments, and I’ll tell all.)

Anyway, the rate was only $35 a night. How can you go wrong with that? Well, for starters, the water pressure left a lot to be desired. My friend said it reminded him of being in boot camp in the Marines, only without the DI yelling at him. The TV was so old it didn’t have a remote, and he could get only three stations. He noticed a sign on the wall apologizing for the stains on the sheets—he was relieved to learn the stains were caused by the high iron content in the water. And no cell phone reception. At least the bed and bathroom were clean.

Then there’s Snowshoe Mountain resort. The town is named after the place. The resort must have a hundred separate buildings, from cabins to what look like huge apartments. They offer skiing, trail rides, bike and ATV races, events, restaurants, package deals, gift cards, lessons, spa, golf, you name it. And it’s all up on the top of a mountain and the view is spectacular. I haven’t been there, but somehow I don’t think you get a shower that produces only drips. Here’s one of their publicity photos:

They call this the Backcountry Hut. It's a restaurant.

I’m pretty sure a Serenity agent can fix you up with a good price if you’d like to stay here. I’m not so sure about that other place.

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