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A record of sorts Jun 29

…and it slipped by me! Two posts ago was the 100th post on this humble site. Every word written by me (except any identified quotes), and lots of places that I have actually been to, though plenty based entirely on research.

Speaking of places I’ve been to, here’s a shot of a Shangri-La that I have most definitely visited. Can you guess where it is?

Click to enlarge. Look closely near the center for a clue. Here's another: some of my friends will recognize this place.

Here’s another photo from the same site, taken at the right edge of that long line of tall plants across the center of the picture. You can click on the pictures to see them full size.

Any entomologists out there? What kind is it?

Shall I include one last photo? These birds have lived on this site their entire lives, and they feel quite at home, even when their cage is opened. Do you know what kind of birds they are?Okay, enough celebration of 100 travel posts. Back to mundane, ordinary, exotic sites next time.

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