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Close to home Jul 04

Today is July 4, which brings to mind our separation from England, even though the decision was made on July 2. Still, I’m inclined to suggest a patriotic sightseeing trip to Philadelphia, see the Liberty Bell in that ridiculous building, visit the renovated building that housed the continental congress, walk through Betsy Ross’ house. Stroll along the waterfront and see the old WWI ships and submarines.

But what I really want to plug is the new exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art this summer. It features my favorite artist, the Frenchman Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Go see the exhibition if you can. Renoir considered himself a student all his life, and he labored long and hard over his paintings, often redoing parts over and over. But the results are gorgeous, and you shouldn’t miss this chance to see his work “in the flesh,” so to speak. The museum is open practically every day so you should check their schedule, grab the family, and go. You have to buy tickets, but they are worth it. Click the link at the beginning of this paragraph to get the details.

This is my favorite Renoir, Two Young Girls at the Piano. He made five drafts of this painting, and they are all excellent works. My wife is an artist, and she painted a small version if it on a tile. It’s hanging in my office where I can see it right now. Oh. The museum is in a beautiful setting, it has lots to see besides the Renoirs, and you can find good restaurants all over the place. Hard to beat for a one-day vacation. After you go, come back here and tell us your favorite painting.

Oh yes—the French were very helpful allies during the revolutionary war.

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