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An unlikely Caribbean vacation Jul 06

Lots of good vacation places in the Caribbean, yessiree. You don’t even have to be on land—cruise ships offer a sumptuous and relaxing way to spend a week or two. But the Caribbean has to stop somewhere. So head south until you reach the northernmost point in South America. It’s a little peninsula in Columbia called La Guajira. Here’s the tipmost tip of it.

Cape of sails

Not exactly covered with hotels, is it? In fact the whole area is pretty much desert, and it gets mountainous as you go inland. The Wayúu people inhabit the area. Their lifestyle remains pretty much unchanged since they successfully fought off the invading Spanish back in the 1500′s. They are generally disinclined to encourage a lot of development, although the main source of income in the area is royalties from a coal mine. Lately there has been some talk of putting up some wind-powered electrical generation to help supply all of Columbia, bolstering the country’s rather undependable hydropower. It’s windy there, and wind power would certainly have less impact than exploiting the considerable mineral wealth of the area.

So what does all this have to do with vacations? It’s a popular ecotourism destination. Ecotourism is generally educational, low impact, and volunteerism-oriented. The main attractions are usually the exotic and usually delicate environment, and local culture. A large chunk of land (62,000) acres is a national park, and one of the highest mountain peaks in Columbia is there.

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