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While we’re in the South Pacific—Vanatu Jul 10

If you looked at the last post, you know it was about a solar eclipse. Those don’t happen very often. How about a reason to visit the South Pacific that’s always exciting? Such as a volcano that’s been erupting pretty much steadily for the last century. It’s a popular tourist attraction even though there have been three fatalities from people being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Not virgins getting thrown into the caldera, either. Here’s a shot of the more dangerous north crater:

Tourists don't get this close to the edge

Vanatu has some pretty cosmopolitan areas that offer an airport, fine dining, duty-free shopping, scuba, volcano watching, a really varied topography, and relaxing on the beach. Native vilages are practically in walking distance from the touristy areas. And like any area that depends on tourism, everyone is friendly. Maybe this shot of the place you actually can go looks more romantic:

Technically, you're not supposed to go here, either, but everyone does. Click to enlarge.

You fly there from the US by way of Fiji, another pretty good vacation stop. Talk to your Serenity agent.

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